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Racing for Charity: MCHR and Rao’s Partner to Support the Ronald McDonald House

In November 2011, MCHR joined 28 other schools and over 1,000 runners in the Ronald McDonald House Fun Run in Central Park. Through the support of family members and friends, 36 students raised a grand total of approximately $3,000. This is the most our school has ever raised for the Fun Run! On a picturesque fall day, students ran with mile-wide smiles as fellow students, parents, and MCHR faculty cheered them on. Through participating in this wonderful event, students understand the importance of philanthropy and community service. Many students felt honored to support such a worthy cause as the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which provides a "home away from home" for families of children with cancer as well as a supportive, nurturing community. To prepare for race day, students trained weekly in Jefferson Park and waved to our favorite neighbor, Rao’s restaurant, on the walk to practice!

A follow up event took place at Rao’s for the Ronald McDonald House where several students reflected on what the race, charity, and the RMH House meant to them. MCHR’s honors violin ensemble also performed a few musical numbers. Thank you to Advisory Board member, Susan Paolercio, for organizing this heartfelt event.