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Donors’ Generosity Provides Exciting Programmatic Enhancements

The Rye Nature Center gave 24 fortunate MCHR students the opportunity to experience an incredible week-long summer program immersed in the beautiful outdoors of Rye, New York. Founded in 1959 as a “Land for Learning,” the Rye Nature Center spans 47 acres of forest, field, pond, and stream, providing a phenomenal natural laboratory for ecological study. At camp students learn firsthand about environmental resources while engaging in stimulating experiments and forging new friendships. MCHR would not have been able to partake in this amazing program without the support of Mr. John Van Rens and Mr. Michael Gerstner who helped provide transportation and chaperones. Thank you for making Rye Nature Center a possibility!

MCHR’s Honors Violin Ensemble wowed an 800-person crowd for the August 4th St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelter benefit. Held in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel’s majestic grand ballroom, the event proved to be an unforgettable day for students and guests alike. The Honors Violin Ensemble performed several musical numbers, including a piece from ‘Carmen’ accompanied by the prestigious opera singer Allison Leahey, pianist Phil Tambakis, and two MCHR dancers. Our school feels privileged to have been part of such an important philanthropic cause and would like to thank Mr. Joe Sano for being so gracious in inviting us.

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