Student Life

Science and Literacy Coaches

Cooke Center for Learning and Development

MCHR benefits from Cooke Center literacy coaches who model research-based teaching practices, coach teachers through study units outside of the classroom, assist teachers in identifying the instructional needs of their students and documenting progress, meet with school administrators and facilitate school-wide trainings. These coaches are deeply committed to ensuring that MCHR is equipped to meet the diverse needs of all its students and ultimately improve student achievement.


New York Hall of Science

The students and faculty members at Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary School are benefitting from outstanding professional staff development from an educator from the New York Hall of Science, a well regarded, hands-on science museum in Queens. This educator dedicates five days a week for the school.

Once a week, she visits MCHR and provides one-on-one lesson modeling and small faculty workshops to give the teachers the confidence and skills needed to effectively teach this subject.  She spends the other two days of the week preparing for lessons and hands-on labs plus providing additional support for the teachers.

In addition, she is creating school science fair guidelines that will become a permanent part of the school and is working with the literacy coach, who will assist the teachers and students as they are write lab reports and develop their science fair projects.