Student Life

Library Connections and Accelerated Reader Program

MCHR participates in the Library Connections Program, a four year program that has provided $150,000 in library resources and teacher training. The library is equipped with more than 6,500 books and is administered by a full time library teacher who integrates the library with classroom assignments and lessons. For instance, a curriculum unit on global warming used library, classroom and computer room resources. Through books, the internet, the movies “Happy Feet” and “March of the Penguins” and a National Geographic website, students mastered the concept of global warming and vowed to give up hairspray and styrofoam cups. They read, wrote and made posters and dioramas on the topic. 

Students also benefitted from field trips through the program. Students went to Boston to study the Revolutionary War, to Philadelphia to further study American history and to the Bodies Exhibition as an interdisciplinary circulatory system project. The early childhood students also went on an excursion to the Central Park Zoo thanks to Library Connections.

Accelerated Reader Program

Literacy is a top priority at MCHR. The Accelerated Reader Program helps students choose books that align with their reading abilities. Students select books that fall within their reading level and are given quizzes that assess their retention and comprehension skills. By reading books and scoring well on tests, students ascend levels and begin to read more advanced books. MCHR rose to the ranks of Model Reading Schools through Carmel Hill Fund’s Renaissance Learning library program. Over the course of 60 days, MCHR maintained an average percent correct of 91.8% while taking 6,486 quizzes.