Student Life

At Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary, students excel tremendously in academics placing them ahead of most of their neighboring charter and public schools. Students study the Common Core State Standards which provide a consistent and clear standard of learning, including rigorous content and emphasis on knowledge application through skill development. Through strong faculty and leadership, Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary’s students are excelling across disciplines. Please take a look at MCHR’s stellar test scores as a testament to their academic success.

MCHR students are unique in that they also benefit from academic programming that enhances this already informed model. These enhancements provide extensive support to students and teachers to assist them in achieving their academic goals.

Please explore the academic enhancements available to MCHR students.

  • The Comprehensive Early Childhood Model
    Based on the latest research on child development and national standards, Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary School's early childhood program provides students with the skills to thrive in elementary school and beyond.
  • Extended Day

    All students in grades 1-8 are on an extended day schedule, allowing for longer instruction time in core subjects. The Extended Day increases student-teacher interaction and allows for more in-depth lessons.

  • Digital Learning

    The MCHR philosophy for digital learning derives from our recognition of the imperative need for young persons of all ages to develop the capacity for self-directed use of technology.

  • Science and Literacy Coaches

    MCHR benefits from academic development provided by the Cooke Center for Learning and Development and the New York Hall of Science. In both cases, coaches come to the school to provide high-quality training for students and faculty through the implementation of research-based pedagogical practices.

  • Library Connections and Accelerated Reader Program

    Library Connections is a four year program that has provided $150,000 in library resources and teacher training. The library is equipped with more than 6,500 books and is administered by a full time library teacher who integrates the library with classroom assignments and lessons. Through Library Connections, MCHR students benefit from the Accelerated Reader Program that helps students choose books that align with their reading abilities.