Student Life

Digital Learning

The MCHR philosophy for digital learning derives from our recognition of the imperative need for young persons of all ages to develop the capacity for self-directed and productive use of technology.

With support from on-site technology integration specialists, MCHR teachers seek to maximize all available digital resources, as well as identify and utilize the latest technologies for enhancing, broadening, and ultimately strengthening their instruction of the Common Core Curriculum. Such resources include document cameras, interactive white board systems (SMART Boards and SMART Response interactive assessment devices) and individual computer workstations in every classroom, iPads, and a high-capacity digital learning laboratory.

MCHR students produce exemplary digital material that demonstrates accuracy and higher order thinking and exceeds expectations for academic content across the curriculum. Examples of student products include original research papers that become official submissions to the History Day competition of the Museum of the City of New York, a variety of digital work that documents our school-wide community revitalization initiative, and multi-media presentations of cross-curricular, discovery-based, inquiry-driven science and humanities projects.

To that end, MCHR graduates will use the cumulative effects of their experiences, knowledge and preferences to ensure creative predominance of digital innovation.