School Leadership

Created in 2010, the Parent Advisory Council consists of parent representatives from each grade. The council oversees parent subcommittees, whose members strategize ways to support MCHR in marketing, student programs, and fundraising endeavors according to parent interest. We look forward to more formally incorporating parent feedback and hands-on support, while continuing our efforts to provide parents with opportunities to participate in MCHR life.

  • MCHR hosted a pre-Diabetes screening session for MCHR families, provided free of charge by a research team from Mt. Sinai as part of Project HEED (Help Educate to Eliminate Diabetes). This program was suggested by parent Mrs. Crispin Goita.
  • MCHR parents, Sonia Pichardo and Meagan Nuru, represented MCHR at Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy McNiff’s Pathways to Excellence meeting in September, focused on school strategic planning.
  • MCHR parent, Tania Carvajal, represented MCHR at an Archdiocesan parent meeting in New Rochelle that was organized by Henry Fortier to build the Archdiocesan parent base.
  • MCHR parents, Esperanza Orozco and Ines Soriano, met with a member of the Notre Dame Task Force on the Participation of Latino Children and Families in Catholic Schools as part of our ongoing efforts to foster the recruitment and participation of Latino families.

If you are interested in learning more about the Parent Advisory Council, please contact us.