Art for a Better World Fair: Dominic Taglialatella Helps MCHR Artists Shine

December 4, 2012

Dominic Taglialatella, a beloved role model to the MCHR community, was internationally recognized for his generous spirit and remarkable work with the Katherine M. Taglialatella Foundation at the Art Basel-Miami art fair. The event, held in Miami from December 4th-9th, featured Taglialatella Galleries’ exemplary philanthropic work in the ‘Arts for a Better World’ Overture.

The exhibit showcased a plethora of stunning works by renowned artist Andy Warhol, including Warhol-inspired self-portraits by MCHR students! Mr. Taglialatella also partnered with longtime school supporter and friend, Rao’s Restaurant, to host an “An Evening with Rao’s in Miami” for the Opening Night Vernissage. All proceeds from the benefit supported the Katherine M. Taglialatella Foundation, which provides scholarships to MCHR students from single-parent households. MCHR is constantly amazed and inspired by all that Mr. Taglialatella and the KMT Foundation accomplish, both for our school and for the world.