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General School Year Reminders


Breakfast is served for PreK students in their classroom at 7:50 AM. Breakfast is served for K-8 from 7:30-7:50 in the cafeteria following arrival. To streamline breakfast and arrival and to ensure student safety, we ask all adults drop their children in K-8 at gate or cafeteria door. School staff will be stationed to ensure all students are consistently monitored.

Late Arrival and Absences

School officially begins with prayer at 8:00AM. Students will be given a 5 minute grace period, any student in K-8 arriving after 8:05 AM is considered late. Attendance will be taken in the gym by teachers.
Lateness and absences are excused only in the case of illness or unusual circumstances beyond the control of the parent and student. Late arrival and absences become part of a student’s permanent record and affect report card grades as well as high school acceptances. Additionally, school staff are considered mandated reporters and are therefore required to inquire around any excessive absences. If attendance is a pervasive issue, school administrators are mandated by the Administration for Child Services (ACS) due to excessive absences.
Picking up Child Early
If a child needs to be picked up during the day, parent must write a note in advance. The note should be submitted to your child’s teacher.


All MCHR families must complete a Pick-Up Authorization Form for their children, informing the school which individuals can pick up their children and whether their children can walk home alone. You can use this link to access the Pick-Up Authorization Form:

  • PreK3 and PreK4 students are dismissed from the school cafeteria at 2:30PM. If your child is staying for after school Enrichment program, they stay in the classroom with the Enrichment program staff.
  • Students in Kindergarten are dismissed at 4PM from the cafeteria. The classroom teacher will greet parents at the entrance to the cafeteria.
  • Students in Grades 1 to 4 are dismissed at 4PM through the parking lot area of the school. Parents must pick up their children right outside the gate.
  • Students in Grades 5 to 8 are dismissed at 4PM through the main entrance of the school. Parents must pick up their children in front of the building.
  • Students in the after school Enrichment Program activities will be escorted by school staff to their respective rooms.



All students in PreK-8 will be expected to wear the uniform as of September 6th. Uniform check will take place during morning line up. This year we’ve updated the gym uniform to have a smaller logo on the uniform. Students may wear either version of the uniform.

Girls/Boys in PK: Gym uniform – See below
Girls K-4: Jumper; white uniform blouse and tie
Girls 5-8: Skirt and white uniform blouse and tie
Girls K-8: All girls must wear maroon or white socks or tights and black shoes. Uniform gray slacks are optional. Sneaker-type shoes are not permitted; no high top shoes or boots are allowed.
Boys K-8: All boys must wear gray uniform trousers, white uniform shirts and ties, a black belt, black socks, and black shoes. No sneaker type shoes or boots are permitted.

Gym Uniform: School sweatpants, white MCHR t-shirt, and school sweatshirt (optional).
Gym Uniform (September, May and June): Students may opt into wearing solid black mesh shorts in September, May and June. If they choose not to wear the shorts on PE days, they must wear the school’s maroon sweatpants. This item can be purchased from Flynn & O’Hara but can also be purchased through other vendors but shorts must be solid black and knee length

For reasons of safety, no child may wear “heelies” or other footwear that has wheels or lights attached. Sneakers on gym days should be solid color, sturdy and not expensive.


Upcoming Dates

PE Classes

Will begin the week of September 10th. The gym schedule will be sent home the first week of school. Please make sure your child wears his/her official uniform.

MCHR Enrichment Program

The MCHR Enrichment Program (formerly after school) will officially begins on September 10th for those students registered for the program. For information about registration, contact the Ms. Shana Brown, Program Director, at


A draft of the official school calendar is enclosed in this mailing. A more detailed September calendar will go home the first week of school. Monthly calendars will be distributed on a regular basis. The school calendar is also available online, with real time updates, here.

Class Supply Lists

A copy of the class supply lists can be downloaded here. They are organized by grade, PreK3 to 8th grade.


Updates from the Operations Team

Tuition Payment Reminder

Your tuition payment will be due to FACTS on the 15th of each month. If you have not made your first payment of the school year, please do so before the 1st day of school so that your child can begin class on time. Late fees are added on the 20th of each month. All payments to the school, for any purpose, must be made by Check or Money Order. You may also call FACTS directly at 1-866-441-4637 to make payments by phone at no extra charge to you. Suspensions will be instituted on a monthly basis due to failure to make payments.

Physicals and Immunization Updates

All students must have an official physical submitted before the beginning of school. All students must have the required immunizations and new vaccines on file. We are required to exclude students from school for whom proof of full immunization is not on file. This is a Department of Health mandate.

Metro Cards

Eligibility for these is based on the student’s grade and home address, and is determined by the Office of Pupil Transportation of the City of New York, not by the school. If your child received a Metro Card last year, his/her application is still on file. If you are a new parent, or have moved, and wish to apply for a card for your child, please call the school office and provide the information needed for us to request the card.


Reminder of School Policies

Policy on Outside Food

The concern over the poor nutritional habits of the children in the US has placed the responsibility for monitoring what children eat during school on teachers and staff. Our lunch program is part of the Federal Child Nutrition Program and as such, only healthy foods can be brought to school. If a parent sends lunch with the child, it must comply with the federal rules.

The following cannot be consumed during class, lunch, snack, and/or after school (this list may be amended as necessary): soda, teas and coffee (or any caffeinated drinks), sports drinks, vitamin drinks, sugar based drinks, candy, chips, flavored popcorn, sunflower seeds.
We encourage all students to take part in the school lunch program. The school reserves the right to confiscate any food, snacks ,or drinks that are not in keeping with nutrition regulations. Any food that is confiscated and unopened will be returned to parents. Any opened items will be discarded.

Cell Phone Policy

To ensure both the safety of our students and that students are always using technology responsibly, students must turn off cell phones before entering the building and not turn them on until outside at dismissal. Students will not be permitted to use phones during breakfast. If a student needs to contact his/her parents upon arrival at school they can do so from the main office or from his/her cell phone in the presence of school leadership at the entrance of the cafeteria. Following the phone call, phones must be stored in backpacks until collected by a teacher.

All phones must be turned in to the teacher upon entrance to the classroom. They will be stored in a locked box and returned right before dismissal. Phones that are not turned will be confiscated by a teacher or school administrator and a parent will be required to come to school to pick it up. It is the student’s responsibility to inform a parent if a phone has been confiscated. If a child needs to get in touch with a family member, they are welcome to call from the main office once his or her teacher has given permission.